My 1-star Yelp Review: Denied ADA Accommodation (11/3/2015)

Denied ADA accommodation. I was in an electric cart with a portable IV hanging from my arm when I asked for carryout–3 times. The Cashier was rude and said they don’t offer carryout, even after I explained I really need it and can’t shop there if they don’t help me. I am on the Heart Transplant Waiting List. I get very tired and weak. I only do small shops (milk…15 items or less).

The callous cashier was smiling while repeatedly denying me carryout. I told her I wish she was never in my shoes. I left my purchases at her cash stand (she was outraged!). Prepared to return all my purchases, I went in search and found a gracious, helpful parking lot attendant. Arturo was apologetic about his insensitive co-workers and helped me to my car. I was sobbing at this point.

I wish I handled stress more graciously, but when you need a new heart, life is pretty challenging and so to be further challenged by a HMart cashier is exhausting.

My sister went up to the store 30 minutes later and asked for the “Manager On Duty.” The customer service person told her the MOD was “off for the day!” Apparently they have no one running the store. The Customer Service person expressed no concern or problem with their lack of service or lack of ADA accommodation. This response was probably more appalling than the cashiers.

I can’t say this enough, but my life on the heart transplant list is beyond difficult. I can’t expose myself self to the stress and rude, hostile attitude of an HMART cashier, whom I will refrain from publicly naming, because I will not sink to her level.

Shame on HMart. Fix this…train your staff on ADA!

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