Oops, I did it again!

I dislocated my shoulder for the..um…6th time. I was in the pool and I rested my arm up on the ledge, the perfect angle to pop it out of socket. I knew instantly that I made the wrong move, despite my gentle efforts to prevent this from happening.

Sunday afternoon in the ER. I’m smiling because I have pain medicine on board. Adam is smiling because the situation is ridiculous.

The intensity of the pain has not lessened at all with the high number of dislocations, this time I was nauseous from the pain and thought I might faint. Though I was able to stay alert and after a few muscle spasms it went back into the socket. I credit this to the benefits of physical therapy.

I was able to collect myself with the help of my husband and neighbor, Tracie, whom got to witness blood curdling screams. I eased into the car and headed to the ER, dripping wet in my swimsuit.

Adam grabbed me a change of clothes and I popped a pain pill. I was seen quickly in the ER, to my great relief. X-rays revealed it was back in place. By this time, I suspected as much because I was able to hold a conversation, which is typically not possible when I’m in that much pain. It’s usually instant pain relief when the shoulder is back in place, but this time I couldn’t be sure it was back in the socket. When the injury occurred I heard crunching sounds and feared I had shattered my shoulder, but it was just a garden variety dislocation.

My shoulder surgery is scheduled in the next six weeks and I guess I will just have to hold on tight until then, literally.

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