6 thoughts on “How Much Does a Heart Transplant Cost?

  1. This is a mind-blowing post! I’m holding my fingers over the keyboard, unsure what to type , but having an intense need to put something down. All I can do is type ‘Thank you’ for making blogging, when it is possible, a part of your life.


  2. Wow, I have been researching how much it costs and so far this is the best example I could find. I have already decided not to go with it, but your post reassured me that there is no way I could afford it.
    Thank You


  3. Thank you for the helpful information. I’m a 49 yo male. Had a heart attack in 2017. Doctors have discussed LVAD with until can get a donor heart. But have to raise 6700 before i can’t even be put on transplant list. I don’t see how i ever afford this.


  4. Hello I’m a 49 y/o man i had a heart attack in 2017 which left my heart very weak. Drs are saying i need a heart transplant. I’ve gone thru almost all of the testing just have a few things left. I have to raise 6700 to even get on the transplant list. I’m worried about not raising the money in time. Its just so stressful. I have a fund set up with national foundation for transplants.


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