Chronic Illness & Cancelling Plans: The Story of My Life…

Last week was difficult. While I got the all clear to finally drive again after shoulder surgery, I also got a PICC line for IV antibiotics. I have recurrent drug resistant urinary tract infections (UTI’s). I’ve done this so many times, I’m bored with it.

I’m also angry because I’ve had to cancel trips that I was really looking forward too, including an autumn extravaganza wedding and Turkey Day with my family. Canceling my plans is painfully familiar and also boring.

Sorry to pout but I’m reminded all too often how many things are out of my control and that a heart transplant is not some miraculous cure to all that ails me. Sigh.

Well for the next 4-6 weeks my goal is to focus on one thing a day that brings me joy. Today I had brunch with a friend & laughed and laughed & laughed!

#alwaysbuystripinsurance Me with a PICC and an antibiotic medicine ball. The ball is more convenient than hanging an IV bag.

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