The Day I was Officially Listed on the Heart Transplant Wait List β€πŸŒˆπŸ¦„

I feel like it’s time for an uplifting post.

It’s been 4 years of high’s & low’s since the exact day I was officially listed on the Heart Transplant Waiting List!

High’s include: recieving a heart, living through blood clots, breast cancer & seizure all the first year of transplant and getting trapped inside a sofa bed (lots of laugh).

Low’s: watching my Mum suffer (may her memory be a blessing), having blood clots, breast cancer and seizure all the first year of transplant, oh and getting trapped inside a sofa bed (lots of tears).

October 28, 2015 I left the house to ride along for a school pick up with my sister, Mara and her son, Matthew (14 months) when I received a life changing phone call. “As of today at 4:26:05 CST I’m officially on the β™‘ Transplant List! I’m excited because I’ve given blood, sweat & tears since mid-June to this process, so I’m relieved. I’m also fearful. Mixed emotions-today is a big day. I’m so grateful to you for your ongoing support. I need it!” Taken from Facebook “Memories” on October 28, 2019. What you can’t see in this picture, is how weak I am or that I’m on a 24/7 IV infusion of milrinone, aka “Rocket Fuel” to manage my Congestive Heart Failure.

Organ transplant afforded me more time with my Mum before she died of Ovarian Cancer and has continued to give me more time with my 17 year-old twin nieces and my four nephews (ages 5-24). These, like all moments with my loved ones, are precious to me.

My family and friends mean everything to me. (You know who you are.) ❀

To my Tribe, I could not have survived the chaos of my life these last few years without your support and loving words. The encouragement I’ve recieved in my darkest moments has fueled my ability to endure physical & emotional pain and I am forever grateful. Even now when I need some courage, I’ll re-read your comments and they give me the boost I need to submit to the painful procedure or tolerate the latest bug I’ve picked up (from all those loved ones I get to spend time with now).

Friends & family have taken off work to stay long hours at my side with me, make meals, dog sit, drive me around and travel far to see me & my husband, Adam Berliner. Thank you.

Lately, I’ve been feeling well and keeping busy. It’s a great feeling living an ordinary life due to extraordinary circumstances. Above all, please know YOU played a significant role in my perseverance and continued recovery. Every Like, comment, GIF and cute pet video keeps me going in the game and I do not have the words to adequately express my gratitude. ❀

With Love,


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2 thoughts on “The Day I was Officially Listed on the Heart Transplant Wait List β€πŸŒˆπŸ¦„

  1. What an inspiring post! You have so much in your life to live for. It is incredible that you have had the opportunity to keep living to the fullest with a newer healthy heart. It is so amazing what medicine, organ donations, and fortitude can do for the world.

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