My 2 Falls in 2 Days! 🙄⚠️🍌

My fashionable shoe bootie that helps alleviate my foot pain after a fall.

Pretty sure my foot is broken…waiting on MRI results to confirm, but a week after my *2 falls in 2 days* and my foot remains on fire! The ortho said that there are many little bones in the area where he suspects one bone might be fractured, hairline? My shoulder is also sore, though luckily remains intact and my surgical rebuilt is not damaged. Whew.

I’ve had a few tears, but the pain is bearable…most of the time. Also, this is my natural wavy (curly?) hair. The tears in this pic are not real. 🤣

Growing up my nickname was “Grace,” as in I lacked grace and was often clumsy! I’m the first one at the dinner table to knock over something or spill food down my shirt. 😉 Jokes aside, I do have some diminished balance after my heart transplant. Not sure the reason, by but I’ve consulted a specialist and all I can do is try not to fall.

So I fell twice in two days. My first slip and fall was the combination of flip-flops, a smooth garage floor and water. Two days later, I missed a curb and ate the sidewalk. Both episodes were painful, but the day after the second fall…well, it was like I’d been in fight club! I was so sore and in intense pain with muscle spasms. I did everything I could to avoid emergency and urgent care, because we need to make way for COVID patients. I saw my orthopaedic surgeon days later to make sure I didn’t damage myself permanently, which so far I haven’t.

As the days past, the pain is much more manageable and I’m doing ok. Being sofa bound is not so bad, as the weather gets colder and COVID numbers skyrocket. I’m lucky that I can be home and just heal. And with my heart transplant medications and diabetes, it will take longer than usual to heal. This is also a reminder, once again, of the moments when my brain thinks I can do things that my noncompliant body tells me, “nope, not gonna happen.” Oh well, it could be worse.

Dear friends, stay healthy and especially vigilant of COVID safe practices this winter. Seek Joy, 💗 Jenny

2 thoughts on “My 2 Falls in 2 Days! 🙄⚠️🍌

    1. You’re too kind. I have my moments of despair too. One of my strategies is to hold in my memory of a terrible, painful time in my life, so that we I want ti think something is awful I have a comparator. Chemo as a teen, the death of my Mum and a complication from my heart transplant are just a few gems that I recall.. so a broken foot is manageable. I’m wish you well this holiday season!


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