Dear Cold Heartless Politicians RE: Texas Power Outage of 2021 πŸ€₯🀬

Dear Texas Politicians,

As an Austin, Travis County constituent, I’ve assembled a list of your so-called leadership during this epic power outage, water shortage and food & medicine interruption during Winter Storm Uri 2021.

By now, the entire world is aware of Texas’ fierce independence to its own folly. We know now that the Texas Legislature created it’s own state power grid and refuses to hook up to the national grid. I mean it’s too late now to buy power outside our grid…when we’re not even connected.

The Texas death toll is climbing and it’s from exposure INSIDE people’s homes because they are fucking freezing. I’ll keep it brief, but read on, if you dare..

Gov. Greg Abbott (R), you had ONE JOB on this ship, one job and you failed. Say your mea culpas to the dozen people whom had a foot, hand or both amputated and the 247 people (and counting) who’ve died from lack of power. Just wait, until the water borne illnesses start. I hope you shit your pants.

Cold as Night Greg Abbott
This Halloween article aged perfectly and worth a current quick read.

Senator Lyin’ Ted Cruz (R) you’re a piece of shit for your involvement in the Insurrection AND for fucking fleeing to Mexico in the middle of an epic storm in your home state. Everyone hates you, even George W. Bush.

No, Rick Perry (R) Texans will not let our children freeze, just to avoid joining the federal power grid. Go climb under your cold, slimy rock you insensitive prick. I’m appalled that you are still Secretary of Energy, a dept that you couldn’t even remember during a speech that you wanted/try to dismantle (until you became it’s Secretary). Well, take a look to your home state now and the deadly cost of negligence and deregulation. I hope Biden fires you by tweet.

Um, that would be the Dept of Energy…you know, the one Trump gave you to dismantle.

I’m gonna add Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to my list of fury. No, it’s not “ok” to let our grandparents die from COVID before safely opening businesses (yes, he said this). You’re bat shit crazy and a shit stain on a shit covered GOP.

Dan Patrick doesn’t deserve his own meme. Shown here with Greg Abbot and Ken Paxton.

For the love of god, even our local mayor is a piece of shit hypocrite.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler (D) you are an elitist piece of shit for bringing shame to the Democratic party, when: You filmed a stay-at-home COVID video from a Mexican resort. Adler was there to attend a large gathering for his daughter’s wedding. I know, like Ted Cruz you were just trying to make your daughter happy and you too are a POS for this hypocrisy.

This list is by no means comprehensive. I only have so much energy to identify Texas moral corruption or straight up corruption (yes, that’s you Ken Paxton). Attorney General Paxton’s entire office turned him in for corruption, really. And this is his second active felony charge he’s facing!

Texas Atty General Ken Paxton mugshot,
What a douche.

None of these scumbags deserve to be in positions of leadership.

Thank you,

A Texas Voter

Dear Blog Reader: Thank you for reading my political list of Texas politicians who showed exceptional coldness during the epic Power Outage of 2021. I threw a few COVID comments too, because it shows their lack of regard for human life. Yes, this post is completely off my heart transplant & cancer survivor blog topic, but I had to get this off my chest. I had to channel my fury; my friends and family are freezing and I feel desperate. Jennifer

Also…all spelling and grammar mistakes are my own. I want to express my apology, accountability and continued misuse of the Oxford Comma. Seems like a similar form of apology these days…just trying to keep it real. 😏

One thought on “Dear Cold Heartless Politicians RE: Texas Power Outage of 2021 πŸ€₯🀬

  1. I think the concept of governing seems lost on so many politicians!! When their constituents need help, they need to help us, not ignore issues and/or make things worse.


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