Admitted Inpatient…

I couldn’t breathe last night. Even when I tried to be as calm and still as I could, I’d have a coughing fit and be unable to breathe. So, of course, this all happens at 2am. My husband drove me to the ER and I was admitted impatient at Seton Main in Austin.

Today, they are doing a thoracentesis, a needle aspiration, on the right lung sac which has too much fluid and which is making it hard for me to breathe. Fluid around the lung (i.e. plueral effusion) is common after a lobectomy, but I have too much fluid.

Bottomline, I am miserable and in pain. The coughing while healing from a open thoracotomy is painful. When they took out a part of my lung, they filleted me like a fish and those muscles hate me right now.

I’m sorry if I sound morose, perhaps when I feel better I’ll have better to report.

In the meantime, thank you for your prayers and kind words. This is only a setback and I’ll overcome. I need to overcome, so that I’m fitting fit for my chemo, which starts after July 4th.

Bye for now. The damn journey continues….

2 thoughts on “Admitted Inpatient…

  1. For a second, I could have sworn you titled this, “Admittedly Impatient”! I wish you didn’t need to be in the hospital, but I am glad you have good hospitals nearby.
    It is terrifying to not be able to breathe!!! I am glad that you are safe and getting treatment and can breathe well again. I hope the pain starts to subside, soon, too. Sending healing vibes and energy your way. 🙂

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